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Upload Instagram Photos to OnSugar Blog

Here is a fun new feature that allows you to automatically post your Instagram photos directly to your own personal OnSugar blog.

<p>How do I automatically upload Instagram photos onto my OnSugar blog?
Download the latest version of Instagram on your phone. Then, login to your OnSugar account, and click on your member name to go to your user page. On the upper right hand corner, click Settings. Next, click on the Instagram tab, enter your Instagram account name, and click submit. On your phone, open the Instagram app, and take or use a photo. Give the photo a caption, and scroll down to the Sharing section. From there, tap on Email Configure, insert the email address of your personal OnSugar blog like yourblogname@onsugar.com, and tap done. Tap the bar with your OnSugar email address and make sure you see a green check mark on the righthand side, signifying the photo will be sent to that email. Finally, tap back to the Sharing section, and tap done to publish the photo. Keep in mind it may take up to 15 minutes for the picture to publish on your OnSugar blog.</li> </ol>

What do the automatic Instagram uploads look like?
When OnSugar posts your Instagram photo, we include the title, a thumbnail, and a link to view the full sized image via Instagram.

My Instagram photos aren't showing up on my blog. How can I fix this?
Make sure you have configured your correct Instagram user name in your OnSugar settings. In addition, make sure you have imputed the correct OnSugar email address in your Instagram Social settings. It can take up to 15 minutes for your post to appear, so refresh your browser page often or wait until you receive an email notification from OnSugar, letting you know a new post has been published.

If you are still having problems uploading Instagram photos, contact us at onsugarhelp@sugarinc.com.

How can I stop my Instagram account from uploading photos onto my OnSugar Blog?
Each Instagram photo post gives you the option of configuring an email or not. As long as the circle next to the email is empty (no green check mark), the photo will not post to your OnSugar blog. However, you can easily delete your OnSugar email by going to the Instagram app on your phone. After taking a photo, tap Email Configure in the Social settings section, then swipe your finger across the email bar, and tap Delete.

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